The earthquake brought about disaster.

You're doing just fine.

I am almost 40 years old and I am still single.

This time, I'll check, double-check and check again.

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Although it is not a bad thing in itself, in a lot of cases, many people are watching too much television.

I don't want to offend Leo.

She asked me to look after her baby in her absence.


The moon is bright.

That shop has many customers.

Edgar held the flag so everyone could see it.


Today cars are so popular that we assume everyone has one.

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I said you were making a mistake.

I won't allow you to date my sister.

The experiment is over.

I haven't been home on a Friday night since I was thirteen.

I want to see it for myself.

I wonder what this place was like three years ago.

Do you want to go to a ball game?

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I don't think you believe that.

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Jordan and Bobbie usually go to school by bicycle.


I have to ask you a question.

Do you know the people who live here?

She lost it.

Boyd's helping.

Don't tell her that, please!

Good-night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Were you surprised?

I beg you, give me a bottle!

I put it on the table.

In assessing scientific work, citation counts provide a more reliable indicator, than the impact factor of the journal in which it was published.

My Lord I lose the game.

Anna doesn't want to be seen here.

The tickets cost 20 yen apiece.


As had been expected, the weather turned out to be very fine.

Please put this into the microwave oven.

I'm sorry you had to do this by yourself.

What enthusiasm they work with!

Everybody speaks well of him.

He has few friends here except you.

He was not able to join in the discussion.

Do you really not like them?

Cyrus has had a cold since last weekend.

Granville couldn't hack it.

I live and work in Mexico.

Herb can handle that.

They are running in the park.

I do pretty well.

There's musical entertainment from nine o'clock to midnight.


I didn't get an email from anyone today.

I have no prejudice.

Andries is speaking to Edith.


I am a lapsed vegetarian.

He had his pocket picked in the crowd.

Pradeep said he didn't know where Clare lived.

Oh, don't be so modest.

OK, what's the secret?

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Don't play dumb!

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"Are my eyes really telling me the truth?" answered the old man, rubbing his eyes. "Are you really my own dear Pinocchio?"

No one speaks with me.

How do you know I'm going out with Kyung?

I was surprised at the news of his sudden death.

I believe I have found the answer.


You're not going to tell me what I want to know, are you?

We decided to employ men of ability irrespective of their experience.

We all suffered.

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Dominick needs your help more than I do.

It's true any way you look at it.

Why don't we go for a walk?


That amount of crops isn't enough to support their economy.

May I go to the nurse?

It just needs a little love.


Portuguese is a Romance language.


He's like an eel.


Paper is, therefore, a veritable miracle created by man.

He did his best to the end.

Martyn is hiding something.


Donal asked Hurf to zip up her dress.

Your negotiation skills aren't bad.

A school is a very easy place to make people more aware of recycling because the pupils take that message home.

Let's forget about what happened today.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I trust that I can see you again.

Garvey speaks up for racial pride.

I didn't follow instructions.

Don't go near them.


Though very outspoken, purists do not comprise the majority on Tatoeba.

They came to terms with the union leaders.

I opened a bottle of red wine.

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Stop ordering me around.

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We can fix anything.

Please pay attention to what I'm saying.

The horse snorted impatiently.

Do you want to get rich here?

Maria is spending a lot of money on clothes.

If the harvest gets any worse, there could be a famine.

Calvin Coolidge was quiet and plain-looking.

Did you expect something different?

He immediately left us.

I'll be sure to do that.

Do you want me to tell him?


Is this a big deal?

The results were appalling.

What you do with them is up to you.

The tailor thought that the garment fit perfectly, but the customer complained and said the garment was short and the fabric poor and coarse.

I am not being careful.

If we decide to hire you, you will hear from us.

Please tell me where Marion is.

What'll Miriam do when he gets to Boston?

Pour a little wine in my glass.

I'm sure I will find a way.

I saw Leila take it.

I got up earlier than usual to get the first train.

Hilda ran down the road as naked as a jaybird.

The only reason I even came here was because of Dion.

Knapper has a family to support.

It's an awfully big responsibility.

The room is shrouded in smoke.

Have I missed much?

Their relationship was strictly sexual.

Izchak is too poor to marry Phiroze.

I never really liked her.

If you eat that, Carol will be angry.

She wanted to settle down with him in Arkhangelsk.

The two countries differ in religion and culture.

Could you speak up? I can't hear you.

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I don't want to see him today.

We'll probably be away for a few days.

Bronze-ware is largely made from alloys of brass and tin.

The picture of beauty beyond description.

We had a conversation about baseball.


He speaks neither English nor French.

The children started bouncing up and down on the couch.

They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.

This carpet is very long.

He took on the difficult work.


I've only had one girlfriend.

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I don't like both of you going to such a place.


Jerome and Syun have helped me a lot.

Herbert knows he has to help Eddy tomorrow.

This is the kind of work that requires a high level of concentration.

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First of all, I have to call on Jim.


Victor is likely to arrive before 2:30.

His words hurt Meg.

Christmas comes but once a year.

The bus leaves every ten minutes.

Marsh is kneeling.


Thuan usually walks home from work.

Joubert encountered Al for the first time three years ago.

Home-made cookies are the best.

Whaat.. It's already 11? I thought it was still 9'o clock.

I have a grammar book.

What should we do with them?

You have to brush your teeth before going to sleep!

Mr Johnson is self-employed and deals in repairing furniture.

The full stop is missing at the end of the sentence.

Get her on the phone.

This is a great facility.

Ginger is very useful in the winter period.

I think I should leave.

Give it a try, my friends! You can do it!

Doesn't Manuel want anything to eat?

Alberto and I were married to each other for three years.

I'll take it inside.

Our team won the game.

I told you never to speak to me again.

Tell Thad I said goodbye.

Take the battery off the machine.


Neal wants to go out for a walk.